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My background

Chinese medicine ( Chinese 中 醫學 / 中 医学,  Pinyin  zhōngyīxué - "teaching of Chinese medicine", rarely 漢 醫學 / 汉 医学, hànyīxué - "teaching of  Han -Medicine ") comprises the healing theory and practice of the pre-medical  Medicine  of the 1st millennium BC Until today's medicine in  China  and healing methods practiced worldwide in the tradition of Chinese medicine. [1]

As traditional Chinese medicine (TCM, 中醫 / 中医, zhōngyī - "Chinese medicine") [2] [3]  is the name given to the medicine that is contained in  China  has evolved for more than 2000 years. Their original range includes the  east asian  Space, in particular  VietnamKorea  and  Japan . On this basis, special variants developed in these countries, such as the Japanese  Kampō medicine (Kanpō medicine). The term zhōngyī (中醫 / 中医) [2] [3]  can be translated both with “Chinese medicine” and with “TCM doctor”. The term traditional Chinese medicine, which is used in the “ West”, is unusual in China.


My approach

Yin Yang

TCM is primarily based on the philosophical concept of the Yin-Yang theory. This teaching originated from a natural philosophy and describes the phenomena of nature and their relationships to one another and to the universe. It is used to explain the perpetual process of natural change. Although yin and yang represent polar opposites in TCM, they are dependent on one another, complement and control one another and can even transform into one another.

Schröpfen Massage
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